Lessons in leadership from my Three year old – Motivation 

MOTIVATE ME! Everytime I ask Max to do something that he does not consider important or interesting he says “no.”  Or he says “just a minute, I’m just finishing something else.” Or, my personal favourite “no thank-you mum, it’s ok” such beautiful manners! Sometimes he just completely ignores me or pretends he hasn’t heard.

I often find myself offering incentives or some kind of reward and recognition to get him to do the basic necessities, sit at the table, tidy the toys, get dressed, wash his hair or go to school!

So what is the truth about motivation

The truth of the matter is you cannot be motivated by someone else, motivation is a tool that is built from within, based on your values, feelings, attitudes, commitment & willingness to grow and contribute. You DO, however, have the ability to create a motivating environment that inspires others to ignite the fire within.

Discover how you can self-motivate and see the extraordinary impact you create as you model and inspire others.

Let’s have a look at three areas that reigniting the fire within;

    Own your self talk – is it hindering or helping?
    Know your strengths – what are they and are you playing to them?
    Know what you like to do – and do more of it!
    Embrace your natural behavioural style and be authentic – to stop overwhelm
    Take the action required – to bring it to life
    Know what you are prepared to do differently – then embrace the change
    The beliefs you have about yourself – do they limit you or serve you?Unveil your passion & purpose – stop learned behaviours and attitudes that no longer work
    Have a plan for what you want – know your outcome

 Decide in 2017 to discover how to light the fire within!

So, with Max, I have a special song I sing for brushing teeth, the wearing of swimming goggles for washing hair, breakfast at the café at work to get him to school and if he puts one toy away, I will play another with him.  Whilst these all work a treat, sometimes, I have to take the hard line and just use the “because I said so, that’s why!” technique. Or the 1,2,3 room time! A less pleasant outcome for all involved and quite the opposite of my usual collaborative approach.  Fortunately, we work on the 80/20 rule. Where 80% of the time he is a well behaved boy and 20% of the time we expect some level of naughtiness, even though we love him 100% of the time!

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