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    We believe in the potential of all people to thrive in their chosen field through professional and personal development including leadership, emotional agility, executive coaching and behavioural awareness through a strengths based approach.



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    About Kelley Wacher

    Kelley Wacher is a dynamic presenter, facilitator, business mentor, corporate trainer and inspirational speaker working expediently, establishing a foundation of trust and rapport with clients to deliver strong and effective results.

    Having spent more than 20 years in leadership, sales and customer service, Kelley recognises the need for individuals and organisations alike to embrace and refocus in the area of development on their largest resource – people.

    Throughout her career, Kelley has facilitated hundreds of corporate training programs developing leaders, managers and individuals in a range of industries including hospitality and travel, retail, aged care, manufacturing, corporate, finance, technology, telco and government based organisations.

    What Our Clients Say

    There are always two critical areas in training, one being the actual content but the second and most important are the individuals delivering the messages. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and fun training partner.

    Blaise Witnish

    Chief Operations Officer, Funlab Pty Ltd

    Kelley has been a multiple Mentor on the Travel Industry Mentor Programme. Every Mentee Kelley has worked with have come out of the programme with a clearer vision and goals to work towards. Kelley has been an exceptional Mentor and has all the skills to help anyone grow and learn. I would highly recommend Kelley as a coach, Mentor or trainer and cant wait for her to be mentoring again through TIME soon.

    Penny Spencer

    Managing Director, Spencer Group of Companies

    I cannot recommend Kelley higher, her level of experience in coaching is second to none. During my time with Kelley I was enabled to see within myself and highlight my weaknesses and ultimately turn them to positives. The various sessions that I took with Kelley were relative to my needs and requirements. Her ability to delve down into my methods and highlight where I needed to improve turned my career around. I am a better leader, coach and mentor because of it. If you are looking for a coach, mentor or training facilitator then Kelley is for you.

    Neil Balsom

    Southern States Manager, Hydraulink Australia Pty Ltd


    If you are interested in building on your unique talents and discovering how to inspire and influence those around you though enhanced communication techniques and behavioural change, all at your own pace, we have online courses that can help take you on a step-by-step journey into discovering the magic in you!

    Kelley offers personal one on one coaching with specific outcomes based on your individual needs and through a lens of your unique talents. Discover your passion and purpose through the unique models she uses to deliver results. Reimagine thinking, language and behaviours to drive the outcomes you want in all aspects of your life.

    Have you even wondered what makes you tick or why you do the things you do? Discover your true value and what you need to do what you do best!

    This CliftonStrengths® team building session will engage you in understanding your unique talents. With your commitment and willingness, it has the potential to change the way you live and work. You will learn how to identify what you do easily and effortlessly and how to maximize your potential using your CliftonStrengths®

    Self-discovery happens when you are committed to understanding and investing in your own “superpowers.“ Embrace your uniqueness! Discover your Unique Strengths and bring them to life.

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