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I nspire

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C ollaborate

Behavioural Leadership Development Program

(Based on minimum 8 participants per group)

Included in offer

    • All participant materials & workbooks
    • Coaching & facilitation by an experienced and qualified professional
    • All relevant resources i.e.: training materials, training games
    • Post work exercises and coaching plan for practical use

MODULE 1. Defining Leadership Qualities

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Understanding leadership overwhelm
  • The five principles of success
  • The secret to empowering others
  • Identify Behavioural Styles for self & others

MODULE 2. Mastering Your "Inner Coach"

  • Discovering your inner coach
  • Create behavioural change through coaching leadership
  • Influencing others through delegation and engagement

MODULE 3. Communications & Rapport Building

  • Discover “Why we do the things we do!”
  • Understanding your unique Communication Style
  • Discover what drives your behaviour

MODULE 4. Establishing a Foundation of Trust

  • The importance and impact of trust
  • Strategies that strengthen trust
  • Implement trust Behaviours
  • What to do when trust is broken

MODULE 5. Managing Intensity in Difficult Situations

  • The keys to courageous conversations
  • Approaches to dealing with difficult situations
  • Self Awareness and building emotional resilience

MODULE 6. Working with Remote Teams

  • Strategies on leading people from a distance
  • Effective meetings that don’t waste your time
  • Managing Accountability from distance
  • Understanding the needs & styles of remote workers

MODULE 7. Creating High Performing Team

  • Establishing team cultures
  • Basic principles to creating cultural expectations
  • The impact culture has on building performance
  • Strategies to increase team engagement

MODULE 8. Creating Value Add Leaders

  • Defining your Personal Brand
  • Discovering your own Values
  • The 3 keys to creating value
  • Combining your brand & values to create impact in the business

MODULE 9. Advanced Communication

  • What is Emotional Agility
  • Engage and practice emotional agility
  • Discovering perceptual positions
  • Managing workplace conflict through communication
  • Providing feedback that maintains your relationships

MODULE 10. Presentation Skills for Leaders

  • Understand the “4-MAT” Presentation model
  • Preparing and presenting a topic
  • Story telling to get your point across

MODULE 11. Discovering your Inate Talents

  • Clifton Strengths Talent Discovery
  • Recognise your talents in action
  • Understand your leadership style in relation to strengths
  • Using Strengths strategies for success
  • Managing Lesser talents

MODULE 12. Running Effective Meetings

  • Identify the Cause of ineffective meetings
  • Planning for effective meetings
  • The importance of clear meeting expectations
  • Staying on track in your meetings
  • Why follow up and accountability is key
  • Setting up team rules for respectful effective meetings

MODULE 13. Creating a Motivating Environment

  • The truth about Motivation
  • The link between People, Purpose and Performance
  • Understanding what holds you back
  • Clearing old ways of thinking


  • A model for behavioural change
  • Implement Change using WhATiF
  • Creating sustainable change in behaviour
  • What to expect in the change process

We are experts in behavioural leadership development,
Leadership coaching, professional & personal development.

We help leaders and emerging leaders who are having difficulties driving people & performance, so they can inspire and influence others, so they can be effective mentors and coaches, whilst thriving both professionally & personally.

Additionally, we have an individual program that caterers to those who are questioning their self- worth, confidence and purpose; to feel more valued and more resilient with clear accountability and action plans for a positive and meaningful future both personally and professionally.

About the Facilitator

Kelley Wacher is a dynamic presenter, facilitator, business mentor, corporate trainer and inspirational speaker working expediently, establishing a foundation of trust and rapport with clients to deliver strong and effective results.

Having spent more than 20 years in leadership, sales and customer service, Kelley recognises the need for individuals and organisations alike to embrace and refocus in the area of development on their largest resource – people.

Throughout her career, Kelley has facilitated hundreds of corporate training programs developing leaders, managers and individuals in a range of industries including hospitality and travel, retail, aged care, manufacturing, corporate, finance, technology, telco and government based organisations.

Kelley engages participants and creates a client centric culture using a combination of behavioural techniques and skills learning, with her unique style and keen sense of humour; she leads her clients on a journey of discovery, unveiling their own strengths and recognising what is holding them back from reaching their full potential, both personally and professionally. whilst challenging them to be accountable for their own results. Kelley is a successful business consultant, behavioural coach and facilitator with a passion and focus on excellence, dynamic leadership and the development of professional and personal success.

Kelley is passionate about what she believes is at the heart of any business success – the people!

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