Do all things really happen for a reason? If one of your CliftonStrengths® is CONNECTEDNESS® then you probably believe that they do!

People with this theme believe that there are no real coincidences. While logically we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts and words, the linkage of those to our outcomes are connected to something much broader, a bigger picture.

Connectedness® is a talent that works based on acceptance. Acceptance that there are more people in humanity that have better intentions than bad, that there are bridges to be built around diversity, cultures and the sadness, gladness and madness of the world around us. It is about having a passion and purpose, a true “WHY” to believe in, to drive your motivation to take action and to feel a sense of contribution and growth.

In times of change it brings a calmness, in a team it helps bring unity. Sometimes you may not realize it until after it has shown itself. These are the ah ha! moments when you bring meaning to uncertainty, find a path to connect the pieces of the puzzle that provides perspective and hope to others.

On a personal note my 7 year old asked for a Rabbit for his birthday. Responsibly he said, “Mum, I’m going to be a Dad to this bunny, he is my son. Which of course makes you a Grandma! (insert unimpressed look here)” So we got the Bunny, its called Fluffy McFluff-face! Max has fallen so in love with this rabbit if anything untoward should happen, it would be considered disastrous.

Fast-forward to two months later: time to really settle in with our new family members. Imagine this: I am working from home on a video conference. I received a call from one of the school parents, who had loaned me a jump starter kit for my motorcycle (that’s another whole story)! Anyway, he says “I’m driving past your place and thought I would pick it up”. Then he says, “Oh my gosh there is a rabbit out on the road being chased by a large cat! (pause) %$#$ Kel, I think its Fluffy!”

“Surely not”, I said as I walked out to check my rabbit who I left safely in his hutch! Uh-oh! Houdini! Fluffy has escaped!

I ran outside to be met by Con, a parent, and a few neighbors who heard the commotion and my calling out loud for Fluffy! The cat next door is sauntering back to his house looking delighted with himself and Fluffy is no where to be seen. I’m running up and down the street in my news reader slippers and headphones still around my neck connected to the video conference!

Then a neighbor across the road spots Fluffy under a car. Time for the treats negotiation to bring him out from hiding and woo “the Fluffster” back into my arms! Phew. With him now safe and sound back in his hutch I considered the concept of connectedness.

Imagine if that parent hadn’t come along at that moment. Saw the rabbit being chased down the street by the neighbors cat at that time? Where would Fluffy be now? Imagine If I had not been interrupted and realized 4 hours later that Fluffy was missing? Imagine telling my 7 year old son that Grandma lost his child! And BOOM! from connectedness comes immediate gratitude. Thank you Con for calling me at that moment, seeing what you saw and being there to help. I’m sure now that all things happen for a reason! Only when we accept our circumstances can we learn to do: Act on them!

What do you need to accept in your current situation, what do you need to learn and how do your own talents relate to your results?

Do you ever wonder how your talents impact your outcomes? Interested in Finding out?

Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

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