Many of us go through life based on what is expected of us, based on learned behaviours, cultures, and beliefs that we have created and made habitual over the years. We have created a version of ourselves formed by our experiences, learnings and outcomes.

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

  1. Discover your top five talents and how to build them into strengths providing your passion and purpose.
  2. Discover what drives your behaviour and how to build on your emotional intelligence and resilience.
  3. Discover how to clear negatives beliefs and behaviours and start to thrive.

The time is NOW. The core of the strengths movement is focusing on what is RIGHT, not fixing what is wrong. More than 16 million people all over the world have completed the Gallup® CliftonStrengths™ assessment. When we foster a deep understanding of our strengths, we can use them to enhance our partnerships and relationships, our teams and ourselves.

Unveil your Natural Talents and Transform them into Strengths.

Coupled with this is your ability to create transformational change through coaching. This level of personal & professional development is about tapping into your ability to create choice. Choices that are underpinned by resourceful belief systems, and engaging new behaviour to achieve the results you desire.

For only $550

  • Your unique individual Gallup® CliftonStrengths™ assessment code
  • Your top five strengths, personal insight report and action plans
  • Two Hour Coaching Session with Kelley Wacher your personal Coach to;
    1. Understand what you yearn for, your purpose, how you contribute, what you need to develop your talents into strengths that serve you and what to look out for when you face talent barriers.
    2. Understand your own Communication model and see how it drives your current behaviour.
    3. Discover a supported way forward to enable you to thrive and be fulfilled.


We project ourselves into the world driven by our communication model. This happens naturally. However, when our responses are based on limiting beliefs or un-resourceful thinking, feeling or self-talk that does not serve us. We find ourselves wondering: What is wrong with me, something is missing, but I just can’t pin-point what it is!

Have you ever decided or behaved in a way and after the fact, felt resentful, or remorseful?

Have you ever asked why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I heading? Or who am I?

This may feel like a sensation in your body, usually around the solar plexus, gut, throat or heart space, like a warning that you are not on the right path, or that you are headed toward melancholy, a feeling of dread or self-doubt. You may become filled with uncertainty, with no reason or understanding of why. I call it my own personal ‘black hole’. It can be filled.

Discover how to shrink it, fill it resourcefully, change it and use it to guide you toward your purpose and your ability to thrive.

You CAN truly understand what motivates you and your choices.
You CAN discover your true yearning, and your unique talents.
You CAN change your thinking to support your strengths and purpose.
You CAN let go of all those negative behaviours or beliefs and thrive.

That would be AMAZING, wouldn’t it?
I invite you to join me in unveiling your potential to thrive.


See the light at the end of the tunnel
‘Then, just when I thought I could stand it no more,
By chance I discovered a tiny trap door!
I popped my head out. The great sky was blue
And I knew, from the flowers, I’d finally come through…’
Dr Seuss – I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew

This is what my clients have to say…

 “When I made the decision to start working with a personal coach, I did so with a very clear picture in mind regarding who that person needed to be and what they would help me achieve.  I had come to a point in my career where I was comfortable but unchallenged, where I knew there was more I could be achieving but risked losing the courage to go out and make that happen. The responsibilities and demands regarding my family were also changing, freeing up responsibilities and opening up opportunities.  I therefore needed a coach who would push me to set bold goals and take action to make it happen.  What I didn’t realise is that I actually needed a coach who would take the time to really understand who I was and where I had come from –  my successes and failures, my joys and despairs, my aspirations and limiting beliefs, my passions and assassins.  What I also didn’t realise is that I needed to understand these things about myself…..  Through our coaching sessions Kelley helped me understand who I was, and that I have what I need to create the career and future that I want. She challenged my thinking, helped me re-write my past, and cheered me on as I set and achieved new goals.  It has been an emotional and powerful partnership and I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and committed coach than Kel.”

 I participated in Kelley Wachers’ course of Passion and Purpose.  My intention of engaging Kelley was to address my feelings of being locked down and blocked at that point in my life.  When Kelley provided the first briefing on the outline of the course, it seemed to be very logical in regards to dealing the past influences and consequential behaviour that I had developed through my life. Although very confronting at times, the course content provided a long lasting positive change in my life.  I also learnt techniques to sustain the changes in my trigger areas of unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns.   Upon reflection and throughout the course I was continually impressed with Kelley’s style and facilitation techniques.  Some of the issues that came up from time to time were extremely personal and confronting for me, however, Kelley provided a safe and supportive environment throughout the entire course.  Her demeanour and methods of facilitation throughout the course allowed me to explore my trigger issues without judgement or prejudice. Since completing the course with Kelley I am of the opinion that the investment I have made in myself will continue to pay exponentially high dividends.  This is reflected in my levels of personal happiness, growth and success of my business and general health.

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